Gruppo Giardini offers a high-end service complete with architecture, design and landscape planning to create unique and exclusive settings internationally.

Via Bargi 154, 51100 Pistoia, ITALY

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Our philosophy


Exploring beauty around the world to create dream gardens and parks. Designing exclusive gardens is what we love. Our passion has always been to design unique and tailor-made prestigious gardens. Our philosophy is to understand the dreams, the aspirations, the emotions of the customer and transform them into dream gardens and parks. Being interpreters of the Italian style in the world is for us even before a professional competence a moral duty that comes from our roots and our territory.


Passion, botanical expertise, attention to innovation, are the elements that make our exclusive projects, authentic masterpieces of refinement and exceptional creations. The creation of a green space is a sequence of analytical and creative steps where every detail is specifically studied according to different factors, respect for the environment, aesthetic taste, technical potential. Passion is the fundamental ingredient in every moment of this journey. Passion for nature, for greenery, for design, for architecture because for us a garden, a park, or any green space, even the smallest, is like a book that tells emotions, aspirations. Passion is what makes it alive, always.


Looking for beauty all over the world is our secret to create green spaces and architectures capable of thrilling. Our mission is to understand the customer's wishes, expectations, ambitions and transform them into a unique and exclusive project, in complete harmony with nature. Gruppo Giardini is a reality formed by a multidisciplinary team where the different professional skills of architects, landscape architects, agronomists and technicians confront each other to devise the best design, intervention and maintenance solutions. Only through the collaboration of several individuals with different skills, abilities and specializations it is possible to achieve a personalized and unique result.


Real works of art capable of thrilling those who experience them and those who observe them. Innovation is a key factor to achieve this goal. Thanks also to collaborations with international landscape architects, we develop projects that look to the future. We believe that the beauty of a garden is composed of the harmony between aesthetics and technique and that it is nourished by comparison and dialogue with innovative and avant-garde realities. We believe it is essential to offer the customer novelties, so we are constantly looking for new materials, new techniques, new solutions.

How we work

Gruppo Giardini  was born from the union of three factors:




The excellence of the final result is guaranteed only if these factors are kept at the highest levels at each stage of the work.
Inspection, planning, implementation and maintenance are fundamental steps that must be carried out with competence and professionalism.