Gruppo Giardini offers a high-end service complete with architecture, design and landscape planning to create unique and exclusive settings internationally.

Via Bargi 154, 51100 Pistoia, ITALY

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Understanding the customer’s needs is a fundamental first step for us. The basic element of our philosophy is the understanding of the personality, style and desires of those who will live in the green space.
The inspection constitutes a relevant and essential moment to carry out the project.

Listening to desires, aspirations, goals is vital for us. Every detail, although sometimes just mentioned, can be strategic and functional to inspire the creative idea, the heart of the project.

In this phase we need a careful and accurate analysis of all those factors that can affect the creation of the garden or park, such as the shape and size of the space to be designed, orientation, views to be emphasized but also the type of terrain, climatic conditions and water availability.

Gruppo Giardini carries out inspections all over Italy and in different areas of the world to ensure exclusive projects of the highest level and in complete harmony with the surrounding environment.