Who we are

Gruppo Giardini was born in 1986 by the vision and will of its founder, Alessandro De Francesco, and over the years has specialized in the design, construction and maintenance of luxury gardens in the world.

We have a structured internal organization in which the professional skills of architects, landscapers, agronomists and technicians create environments in which nothing is left to chance.
Equipped with internal resources and expertise, the company provides all the necessary services: from the choice of botanical essences to highly technological irrigation systems, from scenographic lighting to furnishing, as well as the study of specialized maintenance programs developed from time to time in based on garden and property needs.

Turnkey beauty and functionality.

Our values

Respect for the Nature

World history is nothing but the partnership between Man and Nature: in this essential meeting Gruppo Giardini places its entrepreneurial challenge. The ability to decode and understand the language of Nature allows us to think and realize projects characterized by the respect and protection of the context in which they are to be incorporated.

Our values

Listening to the Client

We move into the world to materialize green sceneries, even the most ambitious, accompanying our Clients step by step in the conception of their project. Listening to the client is crucial to personalize the service, adapted from time to time to different needs, tastes and expectations.

Our values

Attention to details

In our projects nothing is left to chance. Through the study we care for you both the aesthetic form and the technical quality, according to needs and desires. Through elements like light and water we exalt the harmony of our creations, adding magic to the enchantments that Nature can give.

Pistoia, the power of the roots

Exposure, soil, climate and water are the factors that have made of Pistoia the “European Capital of Green”. The territory of Pistoia, which is proud of its more than 150 years tradition of horticulture, looks like a single large nursery-garden, where are cultivated more than 2.500 varieties of ornamental plants in over 5,000 acres of nurseries. In this city they are produced and exported from the 80% of the plants that we can see in the gardens in Europe. The creation of the first nursery in this area is not a casual one, but the result of a secular culture rooted in the history of Tuscany, where the parks of the great historical villas, since Medici’s time, were models for the most important gardens in the world.