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Site inspection

The inspection is a phase of enormous importance in the conception of a project and often represents a moment of fundamental comparison with the Client. In fact, floor plans or 3D reconstructions are not enough to fully understand the potential of an area. Gruppo Giardini carries out inspections in various areas of the world to ensure the respect and the right inclusion of its creations in the surrounding environment

Landscaping design

Regardless of the size of the area, whether it is terraces, small gardens or large green works, the creative journey begins with the design, which will see our designers interpret the Client’s wishes based on the peculiarities of the site, creating views three-dimensional (photorealistic rendering) immediately understandable and very faithful to the reality of the final result. In this phase, the type and arrangement of irrigation systems, lighting and any flooring materials, the choice of woods and furnishings are defined in detail.


Supply of plants

As the great chefs use only selected and guaranteed ingredients for their dishes, so Gruppo Giardini chooses plants and raw materials from leading companies in the sector. Free from production constraints, we place all our energy in the design, selection and quality of our services, in particular in the planting of botanical essences as a collocation conceived in the design phase


We create places that excite through the harmony between colors shapes and scents

From Tuscany to the world


We create places that excite through the harmony between colors shapes and scents

From Tuscany to the world


Irrigations systems

The systems are made using the most modern technologies and with absolute quality materials like those of Rainbird. Each garden is also equipped with remote control systems for monitoring the status of the plants from the company’s headquarters

Your turnkey garden

Complementary works

It is the harmonious combination of greenery and complementary works to create unique and different settings within the same garden. The different architectural elements along with walkways, paths and paths lead to the character and style of a green space making it a real living area, a sort of extension in constant dialogue with the interior space.

Ligthing systems

Lighting includes the use of top-of-the-range customizable luminaires. For each project, a careful study and a graphic simulation of the settings are the result of the skilful use of light and its chromatic variations.



In order to guarantee quality and preserve the basic idea of the intervention over time, Gruppo Giardini staff periodically performs highly specialized maintenance interventions, also through phytopathological control, in order to maintain the correct vegetative state of the plants, verified also thanks to a system of remote visual monitoring of the foliar apparatus. The operation of the plants is also kept under constant control through the use of remote monitoring systems connected directly to the company’s headquarters. All this allows us to intervene in a timely manner to deal with any type of problem.


Thanks to internal expertise and its own resources, Gruppo Giardini is able to provide full autonomy for the realization of the entire intervention, from labor to materials, from time to time established in the design phase in agreement with the Client and based on a schedule of works certain and previously established.