Villa Reale

Listed by The Guardian magazine among the 10 most beautiful gardens in Italy, the Park of Villa Reale has a surface of 16 hectares, the result of many transformations that have occurred over the centuries. On the one hand, the seventeenth-century plant with hedges, flower beds and large trees, on the other large spaces in full English style. The restoration carried out by Gruppo Giardini involved the numerous avenues, the famous Teatri dell’Acqua and that of Verzura (where often performed N. Paganini for Elisa Baiocchi, sister of Napoleone Bonaparte and for years owner of the Villa). The renewed Giardino dei Limoni and the Spanish Garden embellish the park.

Date:  2015- ongoing
Client:  Private Client
Location:  Marlia, Lucca, Italy
Work:  Landscaping project, Realization and ordinary /extraordinary maintenance of the garden