Alpemare Beachclub

Forte dei Marmi is a magical place where the Dolcevita, even in the new millennium, is never over and the Bagno Alpemare has become the new treasure of Versilia thanks to the Bocelli Family who has completely renovated the historic bathing establishment turning it into an elegant oasis for its Clients. At the entrance of Alpemare the welcome is given by a wonderful and unique pine forest: guests are immediately immersed in the aromas and greenery of this incredible place. Also inside the garden we discover the union between art and Nature thanks to some works that guide us in a sensory path up to the heart of the structure.

Date:  2016 – Ongoing
Client:  Bocelli’s Family
Location:  Forte dei Marmi, Italy
Work:  GardenRealization, Extraordinary and Ordinary maintenance