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Gruppo Giardini was born in 1986 by the vision and will of its founder, Alessandro De Francesco, and it specializes in design, construction and maintenance of luxury gardens in the world. De Francesco, thanks to the experience gained over the years in the field of nursery and plant engineering, gives life to an entrepreneurial reality that is established over the years on italian and international territory. 360° services, because the garden as a living entity interacts dynamically with the surrounding environment and a constant care safeguards its beauty, health and usability.From the choice of botanical essences to highly technological irrigation systems, from scenic lighting to furnishings: turnkey functionality and beauty.

Our Values

Respect for Nature

World history is nothing but the partnership between Man and Nature: in this essential meeting Gruppo Giardini places its entrepreneurial challenge. The ability to decode and understand the language of Nature allows us to think and realize projects characterized by the respect and protection of the context in which they are to be incorporated.

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The attention to details

In our projects nothing is left to chance. Through the study we care for you both the aesthetic form and the technical quality of any realization, according to the needs and desires of our clients. Through elements like light and water we exalt the harmony of our creations, adding magic to the enchantments that nature can give.


Listening to the client

We move into the world to materialize green sceneries, even the most ambitious, accompanying our clients step by step in the conception of their project.
Listening to the client is crucial to personalize the service, adapted from time to time to different needs, tastes and expectations. This is the key to our growth, constantly stimulated by the search for new solutions.


The Headquarters

Exposure, soil, climate and water are the factors that have made of Pistoia the “European Capital of Green”.

The territory of Pistoia, which is proud of its more than 150 years tradition of horticulture, looks like a single large nursery-garden, where are cultivated more than 2.500 varieties of ornamental plants in over 5,000 acres of nurseries. In this city they are produced and exported from the 80% of the plants that we can see in the gardens in Europe.

The creation of the first nursery in this area is not a casual one, but the result of a secular culture rooted in the history of Tuscany, where the parks of the great historical villas, since Medici’s time, were models for the most important gardens in the world.

Pistoia City
Pistoia Vivaio Piante Italia
Plants production in PIstoia,Toscana
Trasporto Piante
Vivai Pistoia

Your Turnkey Garden


The client who wishes to create or renovate a green area can rely on an internal organization in which the professional skills of architects, landscapers, agronomists and technicians create settings where nothing is left to chance. Equipped with internal resources and expertise, we provide all the necessary services: from the botanical study to technical design relating to irrigation systems, lighting and fountain systems, as well as the study of specialist maintenance programs from time to time designed in based on garden and property requirements.

  • Design

    For the green setting of any area, following the inspection, it is essential to carefully study the existing landscape in order to create a set that meets the wishes of the customer. Hence the elaboration of the preliminary project accompanied by photorealistic representations (renderings) that allow to better visualize the "before and after" of the intervention, before arriving at the executive project.

  • Botanical Essences

    Just like the great chefs use only selected and secured ingredients for their dishes, the same we choose plants and raw materials from qualified and industry leader companies. Free from production constraints, we put all our energy in the design, selection and quality of our services.

  • Irrigation systems

    We use the latest technologies and materials of absolute quality like those of Rainbird. Each garden is also equipped with remote monitoring systems to check the state of the plants from the company's operational headquarters.

  • Illumination systems

    Each project is realized thanks to a careful study and a graphic simulation of the settings, fruit of the skilful use of light and its chromatic variations. The use of top-of-the-range customizable devices makes each garden a unique and unrepeatable work.

  • Maintenance

    The garden is a living entity, for this reason highly specialized interventions of ordinary and / or extraordinary maintenance are essential in order to maintain the correct vegetative state of the plants. Phytopathological controls and remote visual monitoring of the foliar apparatus allow us to take action in a timely manner to cope with any kind of problematic event.

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Operational Headquarters

Via di Bargi 154,51100 Pistoia, Italia tel +39 0573/381620

Guest House

Via Baco 153, 51100 Pistoia

Representative office

Palazzo Strozzi,Via Guicciardini 15, angolo Piazza de'Pitti , 50125 Firenze, Italia tel +39 05528996


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